Who is MissMary ?

Original and a dreamer MissMary will make you share her passion for the pearls. You will discover the delicacy of a reason, the imagination of the color harmonies, the subtlety of a crystal lace.

And let us dream together to the lights of the Bosphorus, the sweet perfumes of Italy, the wild Alaska sceneries… The new collection of MissMary invites you to the Journey.

The materials which compose creations of MissMary are pearls given lustre to with tons subtle, of the crystal pearls with facets who reflect the light, of the puffed up pearls to the hand with the single colors, of cabochons and the refined medallions.

All its models reflect a research in the details to obtain an elegant and smart unit, sometimes rascals, always in search of originality.

MissMary uses single techniques, to reach more the high level of completion. All its creations are conceived and manufactured with the hand in the workshop of MissMary.


Creations of MissMary are produced in quantities limited. Each part is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authentification.


MissMary entrusted the online sales of her creations, at company SWED Ltd located in Europe, only entitled to propose the collection MissMary on Internet.