How to know the size of your wrist ?

When buying an online bracelet it is important for your comfort to choose the length of your bracelet so that it is not too tight around your wrist or too loose not to wander over your forearm.

Several objects can be used to help you measure your wrist. For example, you can use a sewing meter, a ribbon, a pre-cut sheet or a string ...

Whatever tool you choose, you need to make sure that it does not squeeze your wrist completely.


1 - Wrap it around your wrist without over-tightening.

2 - Locate the number indicated at the meeting point between 0 and the ribbon.

3 - If your wrist measurement measures 17.5 cm, round up to the top centimeter or 18 cm.

4 - Once you know your wrist size, just add an over-length of 1 to 2 cm for comfort.

Exemple : Height 17.5 cm, order 19 cm or 19.5 cm.

Do not forget that in winter the sweaters are thick ...

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